HCRA pic.jpg

College: Cortland State University

Grad School: UVA - Go Hoos!!

Favorite Sports Team: Buffalo Bills

Favorite Hobby: Scuba diving

Fun Fact: I've coached EVERY coach we now have on staff!!


College: UVA

Grad School: UVA & VCU

Favorite Stroke: Butterfly

Favorite Animal: Marlin, duh;)

Favorite Subject in School: Chemistry

Hobbies: Golfing & watching basketball


College: VCU - Go Rams!!

Favorite Basketball Team: VCU

Favorite College Football Team: University of Michigan

Favorite Color: Blue

Fun Fact: I swam for HCRA for 12 years & have coached for 9 years!!


College: William & Mary

Favorite Stroke: Freestyle

Favorite Team: Virginia Tech

Biggest Sport: Basketball/Volleyball

Fun Fact:


School: Glen Allen HS

Favorite Stroke: Butterfly

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Fun Fact: I was part of a relay team who holds a GRAL Champs record!


HCRA coaches ROCK!!

Go Marlins, Go Marlins, Go!!